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New look for the tumblr account, as always i will be using it as a simple online portfolio..



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Now that my course at the college of west Anglia is done, I’m getting ready to start the next chapter in my education. That said I’m going to group all of this work together under a single tag (cowa2013) freeing up this space for basically what ever project,  experiments or photographic shenanigans are currently filling my time! .. obviously at the moment the blog is geared towards my btec final major project so there will be some changes to the lay out as well as the content.

I think this is as good a time as any to post a closing note to the last two years. Taking the jump back into education after a few years out in the big bad world, i must admit was a little nerve racking. But with the support of family, my amazing girlfriend and the new friends i made along the way i survived. I went into the course not looking for a qualification exactly, I was more hoping to find confidence in my work and my skills as a photographer.

Having a pretty strong support network of guys and girls there every day just to bounce ideas around with, helped me to create my best work by far and i cant wait to see what university will inspire me to do.

Now before this turns entirely into a love letter to btec and my former class mates, ill call it a day but to every one that was there! thanks for a great time 🙂


Personal & Professional Development in Art and Design



email confirming student finance application.

One of my biggest aspirations is to re-brand my photography business to make it more contemporary, when i first started my website and designed by business cards it was my intention to reach as wide an audience as possible in the hopes of getting as much paid work as possible now that I’ve gained experience I want to narrow my target audience to the sort of work I feel I’m best suited for.

Untitled-1 card old

first business cards i had made from before i started at cowa.


image of my original website.


design for my new logo to be used for watermarking and websites etc.


Mock up of my new website.


early design for my new business card

ScannedImage ScannedImage-2ScannedImage-3

Paper work from the Norwich university college of the arts open day 2012, loved the campus and facilities but sadly the course was mainly fashion based and thus not for me.


Screen shots from the Leeds college of art website and emails I received.

school of artScannedImage-4 ScannedImage-5Untitled-8

Paper work from the Anglia Ruskin/Cambridge school of art open day.


email from fake cloathing, thinking me work i did to help them build a libary of images for a new website.


after working on an a1 portfolio i decided that it was far to big and clumsy so rather late on i reduced the size to a3,

i feel the images are alot nicer at this size and it can be held in the hands of the viewer


Using the site i made a photo book sit along side my portfolio.



CV made on word, mainly retail based currently but my next step will be to begin applying for voluntary work to gain industry experience.


My personal statement taken from the ucas site.


My tutor asked me to give a talk to the first year btec photography students, showing my portfolio and explaining how I had progressed through the 2 years of the course and through the university application process. I tried to advice the younger students to begin working on their portfolios as soon as possible putting a favourite print to one side from each project saving the hassle and expense of reprinting everything at the end of the year to prepare for interviews, the other advice I tried to stress was to look into universities as soon as possible as I struggled with my choices. This talk was witnessed by the year one btec class 2013 and E. Paxton.

during final major i have had a few opportunity to be involved in group crit sessions, this has given me the opportunity to get opinions on my ideas from a mass of people all at once.

invatation to interview

Invitation for an interview at Anglia Ruskin.


Ucas screen shot showing my conditional offer to Anglia Ruskin.

Location scout 2 (wolferton station)

Wolferton was a railway station on the now long since closed King’s Lynn to Hunstanton line. Opened in 1862 to serve the village of Wolferton in Norfolk, England. The station was best known for its close proximity Sandringham House, and thus it’s connection to the royal family helping them to travel to and from their estate until its closure in 1969 the station now lies in private hands lovingly restored and open to the public.

Official Wolferton Royal Station Website

20130424-102251 PM.jpg

20130424-102301 PM.jpg

20130424-102311 PM.jpg

looking back to past works

Last year i did a Similar project focusing more on the lighting aspects of the genera, this time around i want to look at a more in-depth level at noir as a hole as well as creating some more thorough and planed out images.



tumblr_m6eav0y5GK1r7wiexo1_1280 tumblr_m6eatriX4L1r7wiexo1_1280 tumblr_m6eanj4QQT1r7wiexo1_1280 tumblr_m6eappntBW1r7wiexo1_1280