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planing and prep for desplaying work

After talking about differing ways to display my work another student on the course (James check him out here ) suggested that I dress my wall space like a living room, from this idea we discussed ways to create the sort of space I wanted.



I set to planning and gathering materials using frames sourced from charity shops I created a mismatch of colours and sizes, the wallpaper and paint were kindly donated by my parents. (Sadly the wallpaper donated was not quite enough meaning I had to purchase more)

20130624-024609-PM.jpg 20130624-030330-PM.jpg20130624-030923-PM.jpg 20130624-030339-PM.jpg

so as to include my logo without forcing the contempary design on my classily teamed display I created stickers to give away to the public.



sadly on opening day gravity got the better of one of my frames, thankfully a local glass cutters replaced it at a very reasonable price, I patched up the paint work using a hair dryer to dry it nice and fast then replaced the frame using a more sturdy method.