Coming soon!

Now that my course at the college of west Anglia is done, I’m getting ready to start the next chapter in my education. That said I’m going to group all of this work together under a single tag (cowa2013) freeing up this space for basically what ever project,  experiments or photographic shenanigans are currently filling my time! .. obviously at the moment the blog is geared towards my btec final major project so there will be some changes to the lay out as well as the content.

I think this is as good a time as any to post a closing note to the last two years. Taking the jump back into education after a few years out in the big bad world, i must admit was a little nerve racking. But with the support of family, my amazing girlfriend and the new friends i made along the way i survived. I went into the course not looking for a qualification exactly, I was more hoping to find confidence in my work and my skills as a photographer.

Having a pretty strong support network of guys and girls there every day just to bounce ideas around with, helped me to create my best work by far and i cant wait to see what university will inspire me to do.

Now before this turns entirely into a love letter to btec and my former class mates, ill call it a day but to every one that was there! thanks for a great time 🙂



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