wolverton shoot evaluation

As stated in my previous post the wolverton shoot was intended to be the sources of the demon share of my final images, having such a perfect location at my disposal seamed like to good an opportunity to waist. of course I had back up plans in case I didn’t get the material I wanted but thankfully that was not an issue, as id hoped the station was easily divided up into a series of smaller locations giving me a wealth of opportunity.


Again I shot monochrome in camera, then added a light sepia tone to the images in post edit, i will wright a post about the editing process later on.

this has been my biggest staged shoot by a wide margin using eight models and such a large location without the assistance of Chris Drewery I would have struggled, see his work here>>> https://www.facebook.com/chrisdreweryphotography

in hindsight the only thing I would have changed would be to stagger the times at which the models arrived meaning I wouldn’t have so many people waiting around in-between shots, but most of all this have inspired me I now know I can pull off large scale location shoots and am excited to organise my next.


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