Selecting and editing final images

I mainly looked for character in my images, images that felt like they were part of a story so the viewer could try to imagine what was happening or what would happen next.

Here are some screen shots of the process I undertook for each of my final images, 1.image right out of camera 2. Adjust levels increasing the intensity of shadows 3. White frame to create an old hand printed feel 4. A layer of sold colour at a very low opacity to create the sepia effect (i chose to do this less for creative reasons more for practical ones, all the frames I seemed to be finding with-in my budget were dark wood making the black and white images appear to be very cold in tone the sepia warms them just enough to negate this effect).

dandy edit 1 dandy edit 2 dandy edit 3 dandy edit 4dandyrouge

I will undertake the same process with all my images opening them simultaneously to make sure the tone of each sits well together.

all open


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