First shoot evalution

The first shoot at brockwells garage went really well, the gentlemen that own the garage had two beautiful 1940s cars that they happily let me use. The only real obstacle we faced were the modern details in the garage and the natural lighting, after a few test shots I decided to embrace the natural light and give up using flashes.


my model is a retro fashion enthusiast and thus provided her own costume as well as doing her own hair and make-up, using costume give the images a far more authentic feel, allowing the viewer to suspend dis-belief and trust that the images are older than they appear. Looking back on the shoot I don’t think it could have gone better, the only think I would have done differently given the chance would have been taken more advantage of the interior of the cars, it was something I had intended to do, but as it is a working garage I wanted to leave as soon as possible to allow the staff to continue their work and the shot slipped my mind (in future a detailed shot list will be used).


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