Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson was born in  Brooklyn, NY. graduating early from John Dewey High School,

in his younger years, he was a meber of the  punk band “The Speedies”

Their most popular song “Let Me Take Your Photo” proved to be a forshadow of Crewdson’s later succsess.

Hewlett Packard used the song in 2005 to advertse to promote its digital cameras.

In 80’s Crewdson studied photography at SUNY Purchase. He received his Master of Fine Arts from Yale University.

He is now a professor at the Yale University School of Art.In 2012, he was the subject of the feature documentary film Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters.

Gregory Crewdson’s photographs usually take place in small town America, but are dramatic and cinematic.They feature often disturbing, surreal events. The photographs are shot using a large crew, and are elaborately staged and lit.

Untitled photo from Crewdson’s series Beneath the Roses (2003–2005)
He has cited the films Vertigo, The Night of the Hunter, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Blue Velvet, and Safe as having influenced his style, as well as the painter Edward Hopper and photographer Diane Arbus.[

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