Stage 2 Research and ideas generation (learning outcomes)

Your choice of project needs to provide you with a variety of research from a range of sources.  This will involve carrying out wide-ranging and relevant research from primary and contextual sources, developing and extending your specialist subject knowledge, realising your creative potential through personal research, experimentation and communication of ideas.  You will present your work for critique to an assessing tutor on Tuesday 7th  May (Section 2/3/4 of the Project Proposal)

Your research should inform your ideas and build your knowledge. The design work that follows should be clearly influenced by what you have found.

Primary research– Exhibitions, permanent collections, museums.

Secondary research – Libraries, photography, Internet, magazines,
books, postcards, poetry.

the work of others eg historical and contemporary examples of
similar work that may be appropriate

traditional and non-traditional materials or approaches

This is where you explore the ideas stimulated by your research. It should be quick, numerous, fluid and non-judgemental. You are not looking for a finished idea here, only possibilities.


related techniques and processes

brainstorming/spider diagrams

mood boards

rough sketches/sequential developments

exploratory models/technical evaluations

alternative solutions


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