PROJECT PROPSAL (Answering all points)

My project will be entitled “Shadow of a man” it will comprise of a sires of images heavily influenced by the noir movie style popularised in the 1950’s, it is my intention that this project continue from one set earlier in the course titled “ordinary extraordinary” where I began experimenting with the lighting styled and digital effects I wished to use.

During this project it is my hope that my skills as both a photographer and a producer of works will be challenged, I want each scene to be scattered with details that make them believable meaning I will have a focus on costume props and location.

As this project is so heavily influenced by film of course it will be my first port of call for reference, classic films such as The Maltese Falcon, a 1941 film starring Humpfry Bogart I will be focusing mainly on the cinematographer of the piece Arthur Edeson who worked on many of the stereotypical “noir” films of the era. I will also look at more contempary modern references such as the 1982 film bladerunner and its cinematographer Jordan Cronenweth as well as the 2005 film sin city as well as the original graphic novels by artist frank miller.

My work will need a photographic grounding as well for this I will be looking to the works of O. Winston Link, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Martine Franck.

Due to the amount of preparation my shoots will need I have had to begin arranging them now collecting information on models sources of costumes and props but this will not give me any breathing room on my time scale I intend to have begun shooting in Ernest by the 26 th of April 2013 at the latest, by taking test shots and location scouting this early I can begin planning the logistics of each shoots safe in the knowledge that I have a location and a back up if I am at the mercy of the weather. To record my progress I intend to keep a live blog of my ideas and workings starting today (23/04/13) uploading videos of shoots behind the screens images test shoots as well as the bare bones of my ideas in the form of passages written every day or so.

To determine the overall successes of my project I will compare my final product will plans stories boards and the work of my examples to see how they match up, if my work is far removed from the subject matter of dose not match the original plan (for instance I have sacrificed details due to time) then I will have failed in my endeavours.


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