Your Project Proposal must be produced as a focused outline brief:


Section 1:

What is the title of your project? What will you work towards producing and what is your proposed end point? Explain how this relates to your work and ideas and how it extends your knowledge, understanding and creative ability

(Guide: 100/150 words)


Section 2:

What are the influences, starting points and contextual references and why they are relevant to your ideas? Indicate the subject areas you intend to research and the likely sources of information including any museums, specific locations, performances etc you plan to visit. However you should not make extensive lists in this section. Instead you should compile an accurate bibliography correctly acknowledging all references including texts, periodicals, websites and video/DVDs etc. Put your bibliography into the Appendix

(Guide: 100 words)


Section 3:

Refer to any techniques and processes you intend to use. Describe the range of media and materials relevant to your project and how you might use them to explore and develop your ideas. Include aspects of studio practice, workshop procedures or the use of particular equipment and software etc. Provide an indicative timescale for your project and indicate the ways you intend to divide your time in order to investigate, develop, produce and evaluate your project appropriately. This should be a meaningful plan to you and should be personalised to your project. You may wish to write your plan as a daily or weekly schedule in which case enter your timescale in the appendix.

(Guide: 100/150 words)



Section 4:

How will you critically review and analyse your work and determine if it is successful? How will you identify directions for ongoing development? Do you have a method to record the critical response to your ideas? How do you propose to assess the success of your project and what will be your methods of evaluation? A  supporting statement at the end of your project will help you to critically analyse your project.

(Guide: 50/100 words)


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